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Gus Mazahn Hard At Work

Coach Malzahn turns his sights towards next years class.

Coach Malzahn turns his sights towards next years class.

Coach Malzahn brought in a top 10 recruiting class with only limited time to do so, what can he with a whole year?

This past weekend Auburn kicked off the 2014 recruiting season by hosting one of the largest Junior Day events in the country. Over 100 prospects were on campus to get a feel of what it’s like on the plains.  We can all see Malzahn runs his life like he runs his offense. Fast paced and no breaks.

Here is a list of a few high profile players Auburn has offered.

* Four star OL Jordan Sims (6’4″, 330) from Homewood (Ala.) said he was excited and grateful when he received his AU offer.
* Four-star running back from Prattville, Ala. Kamyrn Pettway was offered Saturday. Pettway (6-0, 220) is said to be one of the best backs in Alabama.
* Josh Casher (6’1′, 280) OG was offered Tuesday. He said he was impressed when OL Coach J.B.Grimes said the Tigers felt like he is one of the top linemen in the state.
* David Cornwell, quarterback from North High in Norman, Okla., was told by OC Rhett Lashlee Saturday of his new offer. The 6-foot-5, 230 lbs. QB threw for 2,742 yards and 27 touchdowns in 2012.

In addition several elite players spoke publicly after junior day saying the Tigers have now moved into one of their “favorites status.”

A New Day: Auburn Football

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